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Giving birth is a life-changing experience but little is known about the factors that shape this experience for you as the mother. By participating in this study you will help us to better understand your experience of childbirth and the factors that affect the quality of this experience.

If you are pregnant and 19 years of age or older, please consider participating.

Your participation will be relatively simple and straightforward. You will complete two sets of online questionnaires; one set approximately a month before and another set 5 to 7 weeks after your due date. You will be asked to participate in an optional series of short follow-up questionnaires at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after the birth. You may complete the questionnaires from your computer at home or from another location where you have convenient internet access. If you prefer, we could instead mail hard copies of the questionnaires to you together with a pre-paid return envelope, so that you can complete them on paper and mail them back to us.

As a compensation for your time and participation, you will receive $70.00 for completing two questionnaire sets and sending in a copy of your labour, birth and newborn summary records. The surveys take about 4 hours to complete. Many women find that answering these questions helps them to better understand themselves and their own emotions and cognitions, which in itself leads to positive health outcomes. Participants who are invited to do interviews will be compensated $30.00 per interview. Participants who chose to participate in the follow up questionnaires will receive $10.00 per follow up questionnaire, for a total of $40.00 for all follow up questionnaires.  

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